How to get your baby walking early

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How to get your baby walking early

I heard many people say that each child takes its own time to walk. I can say both my children learned to walk when they were 10 months old. One must take that effort to push your child to do things and prepare them towards the goal and this goes for anything. Although it's not a big deal, but why not enable them when they are ready for it, right?

When my child's neck was set to support the head on his own it was about 3 months. That's when I started trying to make him sit with back support for a few minutes every now and then daily.  At 5 months I could see that his back was getting stronger and that's when I introduced him to Jolly Jumper. This helped me to get some time off from my kids so I could quickly do some important house chores like cooking etc. until they enjoyed bouncing. I felt my children's leg muscle developed much faster due to all this jumping!

When my children were 6 months old, they were ready to sit but needed supervision unless they were on the carpet with lots of cushions around them. We continued with the Jolly Jumper on and off but the time reduced for them to enjoy the jumping as they were ready to crawl in their 7th month. As they could move around the house crawling, jumping was not enjoyable anymore as it would tie them down to a place (smart babies!). But now they were ready to hold and stand by the 8 months.

With my 1st born he did not crawl much, I would say maximum about 1 month to 45 days he preferred holding something for support like a couch or chair and stand and gradually walk holding it in the 9th month.

My second born crawled all the way from about 7 months to 9 months and in between, he too started standing with support. With all the falling and incidents during this period, both were walking in the early days of the 10th month.

Jolly Jumper or for that matter, any kind of jumper would be a great decision for your kids as it was for mine.

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