Introducing cow's milk to babies

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Introducing cow's milk to babies

I had a good supply of breast milk for both my babies. In fact, I fed my first born till I was seven months pregnant with my second baby and I was told by my doctor at the beginning of my second pregnancy that I must stop feeding the baby as I may not have enough for the second one.

I did not give my first born any outside milk at all since it was recommended not to give cows milk till the baby is at least 12 months and nor did I introduce him to Formula as I preferred giving him mine. By the time my baby was 12 months, he did not like the taste of the cow's milk and therefore I was in a caught up situation of how am I going to get him drinking normal milk after all I would have to stop feeding him mine soon.

I started making a milkshake for him like a banana milkshake, Mango and banana, strawberry and Banana etc and he loved it. This way I had some relief that at least the milk was going in his tummy and he had a full tummy too. Till date, at 3 years and 5 months, he does not like plain milk and I give him milkshake every day or chocolate milk with very little chocolate powder just for flavor.  I don't give my kids tetra pack juices at all and only homemade shakes.

Now for the second one lessons were learned. Even though I had a good supply of milk, I introduced Formula milk from the second month. I started with just one feed in the day so that he could develop the taste for it preferable at night before his sleep.

When my second baby was 7 months I introduced him to the 2% Cows milk, again once or twice in the day and slowly increased it from the 10th month. Thankfully, I did not face any issues and he digested it well. It is suggested you must go for the best milk but go light at first. Hence now the notion of " don't introduce cows milk before 12 months" was all gone. I made sure I did not stop giving him my breast milk. Even now, at 1 year and 5 months, I give him breast milk along with the cow's milk.

So Moms, ease yourself there is no must in life and what our parents and grandparents suggest it definitely works, after all, we too grew up the same way. 

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