Do slimming belts really work?

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Do slimming belts really work?

I used to be skeptical about slimming belts until I started wearing one.  It was almost time and I was having my first baby when my mom asked if I needed anything from my hometown? All I could think was foodstuff, and I gave her a long list of it. Then she asked me if I had a belt? I reiterated my skepticism about it and her reply was pretty clear. "What nonsense!", she said. After having six kids of her own, she always got back to her size by wearing belts! It was delightful to hear that there was some hope!

Therefore when mom came over, she brought three different sizes of belts. I started wearing my Slimming belt from the third day after delivery. My mom was there to make sure that I wore it right from the time I woke up till I retired to bed at night.

This really helped me lose weight, regain my abdominal muscle tone and get back to my previous size in just 10 months! I couldn't believe it and got so many comments from my near and dear ones. All of this without going to the gym as I was never a gym person. My only gym activity was running errands for my kids!

When the time came, I used the belt after my second baby too and you guessed it, got back into shape in less than a year. 

That's is why I am now so passionate about using and recommending slimming belts. They really work if you use them with dedication and frequency. That's not to say that you can keep binging on food and expect a miracle to happen. It helped me to eat less too!

Slimming Belt 8”

I also recommend applying Vitamin E oil on the belly area in the morning and night. Best of luck and happy slimming!

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