About Us

My name is Uzma Khan and I live in Mississauga, Ontario in the beautiful country of Canada with my husband and two small children. I am the founder of hushmybaby.com and here is my story:

Receiving the gift of motherhood twice and with a little gap between the two made me realize a few things. One that it is not easy to find some things in store like for example the right kind of onsies and rompers and at an affordable price. All you find are the run-of-the-mill designs which are sometimes not what you are looking for according to the season. That got me started thinking of putting together an online store which could cater to the babies and offer cool designs and the right kind of products at an affordable price. Hushmybaby.com was born and the rest as they say, is history.

And then there was the size problem...

I really wanted to get back into my pre-pregnancy size as I had never seen myself to the size I grew to. Luckily I had my Mom who gave me tips how I could do that without going to the gym (time constraints). She made sure I wore a good slimming belt from day two of my delivery. After trying a few, i found the right one which was comfortable and provided the best support. I wore it from morning till night. It was difficult in the beginning but then when I got back to my size by month 10 after delivery, people around me were shocked. This happened for both my pregnancies. I stared wearing the Slimming belt with an XL size and finished with the size S. I couldn’t be happier. My other busy chores included keeping the house clean, do laundry, etc basically household chores and manage my kids with a 2 years age gap, I had my hands full. I started promoting this belt to all my friends and family and now you can also benefit from it. 

Therefore, with the humble beginnings of the hushmybaby Slimming belts, and after experimenting successfully with baby products on my children, hushmybaby.com went live in September of 2018. We have added more categories since then and will keep adding some more. Do write to us if you wish to see some products on hushmybaby.com.

I hope you enjoy the products and recommend them to your friends. Thank you from my family. Happy shopping!